February 2020

Entomae is a concept for a sushi shop that uses bugs instead of fish on their rolls.

Most sushi, especially in landlocked areas of the United States, come from fish farms, which are bad for the environment around them and produce unhealthy fish that just aren’t as good as fish from more natural environments. The good fish are in such high demand that the areas they live in are being overfished, which also damages the local ecosystem.

Bugs are plentiful and easy to raise just about anywhere. While they are seen as a taboo food in the United States, they are commonly eaten by people all over the world. A lesser-known fact about bugs is that they have a wide variety of flavors that are closer to things we already eat than most people would expect. Crickets taste like shrimp, tarantulas like crab, scorpions like steak.

With this palette of flavors, it’s easy to create a full menu of good sushi made with bugs. In fact, the name Entomae comes from the Japanese term edo mae which originated in the Tokyo bay area and refers to quality sushi. And then of course there’s the word entomology, which refers to the study of bugs.

Edo mae + Entomology = Entomae.